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Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2013 Update 1

We're just wrapping up feature work on Update 2 this week and will soon be releasing our first CTP [Community Technology Preview]. Were just beginning the process of polishing, bug fixing, etc., to release a solid update." Harry said he will soon provide more detail describing the features in TFS 2013.2. "Our two biggest areas of investment in this release have been Agile Project Management (and general work tracking) and the next increment of Git tooling," he said. "I'll also cover the highlights of the VS improvements in VS 2013.2 there are quite a few." Microsoft will be delivering VS 2013.2 this spring, Somasegar said. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to tweak Visual Studio Online . Harry said since the company introduced tagging as a lightweight work item "customization" approach, developers who have tried it have had some consistent requests. One of the top ones was support for querying on tags, so Microsoft rolled that feature into Visual Studio Online.
More http://www.eweek.com/blogs/developing-stories/microsoft-ships-visual-studio-2013-update-1.html

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