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44-year-old Fetus: Video Of 84-year-old Woman?s Dead ?stone Baby? Sparks Debate

Susann Stacy Facebook Selfie There are about 300 worldwide medical cases of "stone babies" known so far. The Brazilian woman remembers having been pregnant Kendra Wilkinson tape 40 years ago. When she read experienced pain during her pregnancy, she consulted a witch doctor in her small village since there were no other medical services. After giving her a potion, the pain went away. Believing that she had Kendra Wilkinson video aborted the baby, there was no reason for the Brazilian woman to return to a hospital until now. According to a Feb. 8, 2014, G1 news report, the 84-year-old woman learned about the 44-year-old fetus when she went to the hospital because of severe stomach pains.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/44-year-old-fetus-video-of-84-year-old-woman-s-dead-stone-baby-sparks-debate

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